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Too big of a gap

I find myself in a situation of too much time in between our camping trips. This is not good. I am itching to go and I still have two more weeks before we go. Usually I have it spaced out pretty nicely, somewhere from 2 to 3 weeks apart. Depending on other activities, school, boy scouts, family get togethers, or holidays. I start to get a little twitchy when we have gone too long in between trips, which puts me into over excited mode to go when the time comes to leave. You can ask my friends, I have to get there…quick like. Its too the point now where my hubby just laughs at me.
So this next trip is to a new place. There is always an air of suspicion that it might not be a good one, weird people handing about, or too noisy. I have an idea that this one might pretty good though, it’s a KOA. You will here more about that after we go…but just thought I would share my crazy mind. Missing the outdoors…

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