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Time to float

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This year we have added kayaking to our list of new loves. Making time for it in our everyday life isn’t as easy as it seems. I manage to make it out for a couple days trips.

So last winter I decided to plan a whole vacation around kayaking some beautiful lakes. Central Oregon has some of the most beautiful lakes. Trying to narrow it down to just a few for a two week vacation.

First camp site: Diamond Lake

Just about every site is on the lake or has a lake view. We could actually put in right at our campsite.

This was Coopers first kayak trip ever. He complained the whole time so on the next boat ride we made changes. He didn’t want to go the first time but he wouldn’t be left behind on the rest of the trip.

This face says it all…

Beautiful mountain and smooth water.

Can’t be the Bria’s without some goofy pictures.

Day trip: Crater Lake

We drove 30mins from our campsite to Crater Lake. We packed a lunch and headed out to explore. It was unfortunate the park was having a forest fires at the time. Little bit of haze over the lake but made for some good photos.

First big trip without our Girlie.

Just simply amazing how blue the lake is.

Majestic Bald Eagle

Second campsite: Crescent Lake

Crescent lake was one of the most beautiful campsites right on the lake. We could leave our boats on the shore.

My personal oasis for two days.

Little choppy but a great boat trip.

We had a great time and would definitely go back. The pumas beach plus water right at our campsite was truly relaxing.

Third campsite: Hosmer Lake

Can’t really see from this picture but our front end is off the ground by 4ft. Very scary…just gonna say now…didn’t sleep too well those two days.

Pretty great sunset the first night.

Hosmer lake was like fairy land. As we floated along the reeds we were visited by tons of little blue dragonflies.

Now packing for a two week trip is going to be a whole other article.  Packing is not always easy but can be better organized.

Day trip: Sparks Lake

This lake is super popular for photography.  You can load up your kayak and boat to one of the shoreline campsites. The night sky from one of these site would be fantastic.

Fourth campsite: Crane Prairie reservoir

We spent our last few days here. This campground is on a big reservoir. We also saw several Bald eagles high up in the trees.

Wildlife was plentiful here.  I could just sit and watch wild creature for hours.

The one thing that I haven’t gone into detail so far is the fact that this whole trip we were dry camping. The learning in this process was a lot. We now have a much better understanding of what this means. We do plan to do it again.

This was a very low cost vacation unlike the next one we are currently saving for for 2017. We are planning on seeing most of Utah. I am pretty excited. I have been dreaming of going there for so long.

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