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Taking On Repairs Yourself

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The dread that fills you when you find something wrong with your trailer. We had great luck with our Jayco Jayflight.  We had it almost seven years before our water heater had been leaking and we had to replace the whole storage compartment under the bunk bed.  This gave us our first attempt at restoring our trailer.

If you take anything from this article is that you can do it yourself.  When going into some of these RV repair places 70% of your bill is labor cost.


Last year we discovered our corner seal had a leak.  Which is the bathroom so at first we didn’t know exactly where the water was getting in.  Corners are a weak point in any trailer.  If I can encourage you to reseal the corners every couple of years like recommended.  It’s not hard or expensive.  All it takes is time and a few supplies you can get at any RV supply store.

Well the fun began with demolition.  Something very satisfying about ripping things apart.  Believe it or not but I did most of the demo work on the floor.  I left the tub toilet and cabinet  to my hubby and my mom’s boyfriend.

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After all the big elements were taken out, we got our first look at how bad it really was.  The floor in the bathroom and vanity had to be gutted. We had to replace some of the beams and both support beams(back and side beams).


We were able to save the tub, toilet, and vanity. Thankfully so we replaced the floor boards.  We chose not to put down linoleum, like it had originally.  We decided to go with peal and stick in wood grain long planks.  We did this because we didn’t want to add unneeded weight to the trailer when you install hard woods.  We ran it the length of the trailer.  I found it easy to install.  A large paper cutter was my main cutting tool. This ensured straight lines.

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This whole thing took two weekends and the total cost was about $750.  It was pretty hard work but the pay off was so worth it.

Finished product turned out fantastic.  We also took this opportunity to strengthen the floor and the tub structure.  Always felt a little flimsy while standing in the shower.  We have always used out trailer fully.  I bake in the oven and we shower in the tub. I refuse to keep our trailer pristine for someone else.  Our trailer has dents, scratches and normal wear & tear.  It has our personality, our pictures, and evidence of our family fun memories.

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