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Family time vs school time

The school year is getting longer and longer.  We had two or three really big snow storms come through and I am just cringing because I know they are going to add days to the end of the year.  This is my time…my time with the kiddos. We go camping, kayaking, and just plain family time.  As it is we have to plan all these events around the school schedule (haaaate it).  I have been known to take my kid out of school so we can camp.  I just feel like that one day in the long run is not going to stick with them as long as a camping trips with family.

I have to say I am increasingly jealous of all the families that have made it for real full time.  I see all the places they go and see.  I’m sure there are times when you may not want to be anywhere near each other.  I would really like to hear about those moments…it would make me feel that much better…just saying.

Maybe I am just having withdrawals…I’m sure this is it.  Ok just counted I have 54 days til our first camping trip(spring break).  Well, keep me in your prayers, that I will be able to make with out incidence.

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