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Disposable vs Reusable dishes

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The age old question of paper or plastic?
As mothers we are always trying to make things easier for ourselves. After 15 yrs of camping and 9 of those years in our travel trailer. I have switched back and fourth so many times I cant even count.
Advantages of reusable dishes
  • one time cost
  • larger
  • more kid friendly
  • reusable
  • space saver
Advantages of disposable dishes
  • less dish washing
  • less water in the grey tank
  • less time in the kitchen cleaning
  • fire starter for s’mores
So what’s in my cabinets? My kiddos are older now so I don’t need to worry about accidents, but what I have learned is…I want to be outside having fun with everyone else, playing games, and enjoying each other rather then washing dishes. ┬áPaper plates for this mom…

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