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Bucket list vs Adventure list

Why start one? why have one? what am I going to gain from it?

Starting to write out your bucket list. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  Maybe not…Don’t think of it as your dieing and you need to see the world before it happens.  I think of it as a fun thing. Not going to backpack across Europe or anything like that.  Events I want to see in person.  Places I want to see maybe in a particular time of year.

 I think this list should be ever growing. Our taste change as we get older.  We discover new things that make a difference.

When I started my list, I wanted them very attainable. My kids still live at home, so I wanted things on the list that I knew they would enjoy also.  Maybe they will be with us forever…oh did I say that out loud.

Why start a bucket list at all? Why write them down? Why do we make goals?  We have to go through the process right?  We see something that sparks a happy thought.  We see something that would look like fun.  With all of the bad things happening in the world, I have found the need to add more happy moments with my kids and husband.  I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s working.  I thought that’s what being a good mom was. Working as hard as I could to provide more for my kids. Meanwhile missing moments with my kids.

 Buying the travel trailer was the best thing for our family.  Forced us to get out and enjoy each other.  As time went on it wasn’t forced, it was fun and exciting.  Venturing out of our comfort zone.

Moving out into the wilderness.  Getting back with nature or visiting a theme park.  We made many great moments together. Making waves at water parks. Getting chased by a deer at a national park.

What are you going to put on your adventure list?  I think adventure sounds more like fun.  So my list is called “Our Adventure List”.

Hope you raise your own adventure list.  Make your adventure moments today!

My Adventure List:

  • Utah National Parks
  • Canadian train trip
  • Balloon festival in New Mexico
  • Swim with turtles
  • Grand Canyon
  • Christmas in Charleston
  • Kayaking and camping in the Florida Keys
  • Northern lights
  • Witness fireflies
  • Touch an elephant
  • Attend a live concert

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