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Bad weather camping

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Do you care that the weather is bad? Here in Oregon we get rain quite a bit, so you always run the risk of rain. Only been caught in snow once when we first started camping with our travel trailer.

We are camping this weekend and a storm with high winds is pending…we almost cancelled for the first time ever. The coastline is what is being hit the hardest. We chose to stay somewhere closer to the city. But there lots of trees.

What to do when it’s bad outside? We brought all time favorites as far as movies. Our favorite pass time is playing games. Farkle is a staple right now.

It is more fun when you partner up with another family. Kiddos don’t get board as easy.

Now when we camp with our large group of friends it is like a hay day for the kiddos. We have probably done this now for 8 yrs. All the kiddos have grown up doing it together. But still good family time for all. The kids are all big enough now that they don’t need to be watched as closely and can keep up better when going on adventures.

Try making reservation with another family and see how it goes. Maybe you will add more dates to the calendar, ┬ábut don’t be shy about the weather. Could make for an interesting time.

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