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Intro to: NW Family RV Travel
As I sit in my beach chair with the sun warming my face…I have been reflecting back on the decision to buy a travel trailer. The fact, that it has brought so much joy and fun to our lives. I wouldn’t change a thing.
Hubby and I have been married almost 23 years. We have two of the greatest kiddos in the whole world. Girlie is 19 and in college… Bub is 13 and is ending his second year of Middle school. Even with the 6 year difference they are very close.
Even as they get older they still love camping with us. We schedule so far out on the calendar that they know when a trip is coming up. We camp at least once a month if not twice, starting in March and ending in October. Now we do live in Oregon so…everything depends on weather. Some years we get more camping in then others.
Over the years we have acquired a camping group. They consist of about 8-10 family and friends. Now not all families go every time. Some will have sports events or family vacations in summer. We started with just a couple of us to what it is now. We all have kiddos and they have grown up having this time for camping family.
Speaking of family my mom has an RV with her boyfriend and they have gone on several big and small trips. They have enjoyed the close time with us and getting to see places that they may not have seen on their own.
So I imagine you want to know more about me and why I am starting this blog. I am a 44 year old medical assistant that works in a medical office from 8-5pm M-F. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but being in recycled air all day can drive a girl insane. Hubby and I enjoy up-cycling household items and furniture. My mom just recently introduced us to kayaking…yes my mom, you heard me right. Ok, I can say it is my “New Love”. Now granted, you will find this out about me….I hardly ever buy anything brand new. I love the search…the hunt. I want to know if I can do it myself. Just a little spoiler alert…RV+Kayak. I am an only child and very close with my mom. She is my rock. Not too much happens in this house without Grammy knowing or having an opinion about it. We do just about everything together whether it is cooking, sewing, crafting and forever planning some event. When you have kids there is always something coming up. She is my first call when I need advice.
Why am I starting this blog…I have so much fun doing the things we do and the adventures we go on. I just wanted to share it with others. I love trying new ideas, new receipts, new places, new crafts, photographing the places we go. My love for photography is exciting. Always looking for a new angle or documenting us in time.
What are you going to see in upcoming blogs:
 Tips and tricks
 Short cuts
 Adventure details
 How to’s
 Make overs
 Do’s and don’ts
 Crafts and games for kids

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